We’re Sofá

We believe in communication that informs, inspires and transforms the relationship between people and brands.

Why partner with us?



We follow a proven process that connects your goals with specific actions and tangible results. We keep you informed at each stage, giving you full control over the planning process.


Communication touches all aspects of your organization. We work as an extension of your in-house team to deeply understand your business, support its growth, and find answers together to achieve your goals.


We value honest communication between brands and audiences, as well as inside every project. Your vision, objectives, and motivations guide us, and your feedback drives us to continually improve.


There are no universal recipes in communication because every organization and team is unique. We craft custom solutions tailored to your needs and have the skills to add value across all project scales and scopes.

We embrace the challenge of creating long-term value through flexible communication solutions that evolve with your projects.

frequently asked questions

All you need to know to get started

I want to improve my brand's communication. Where do I start?

Our first step is to analyze your organization’s specific situation to choose the service that best helps you achieve your goals. You don’t need to have all the answers. We’ll discover them together as we design a plan tailored to your needs.

What's our day-to-day like when collaborating?

Our work process involves your active participation in key steps. Since our service is tailored to your project, we need you to provide us with all relevant information during the analysis and planning stages. We also ask for feedback after deliveries to ensure we meet your expectations.

Can I involve my whole team in the process?

Yes, as long as a single person is in charge of decisions. Your staff and partners can join meetings and discussions, but we’ll ask you to name someone as the point of contact and approval to avoid misunderstandings and setbacks.

I already have a communication and marketing team. Can I bring you in for particular services as needed?

Yes. We’re well-equipped to handle both comprehensive and specialized projects. Whether your company has an existing in-house team or collaborates with other agencies, we can seamlessly coordinate our efforts to complement or expand those services.

Share your challenges

Let us know your project details, and let's explore ways to boost your online business together.